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Lisa Aston Michael - Animal Reiki Educator / Practitioner
Kewarra Beach, QLD | Member since July 2016
I am an Usui/Tibetan Reiki Ryoho Master/Teacher, Animal Reiki Educator/Practitioner, Body Attunement Specialist, Spiritual Intuitive and Pet Bereavement Counsellor. I have spent a lifetime communicating and connecting with animals and helping people better understand themselves and their animal friends.
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Product Description

Animals LOVE Reiki! Some of the benefits of Reiki for animals include: * Pain relief from injury, post-operative or palliative care * Emotional support * Stress reduction and deep relaxation * Relaxation for senior animals, in particular with sore joints or arthritis * Assists with separation anxiety or the introduction of a new family member * Offers peace and compassion during the passing of your animal Reiki can be offered to any animal regardless of species, breed, age, gender or situation.

Returns Policy

Your acquired knowledge and skills to care for your animal companions should always include the proper care and services of a licensed veterinarian. These services are not intended to replace proper veterinarian care and treatment for any situation. Responsible advice and treatment of veterinary care should always be included in the care of your animal companions. These offerings are valuable components to the healing & balancing of a health maintenance program when used with traditional veterinary medicine. Natural remedies and alternative therapies can complement traditional veterinary or medical care. If you or your pet is sick, injured, on medication, or you have any other concerns, you can check with your vet or medical professional prior to offering the remedy or therapy. Be aware that your vet or medical professional may advise you to not use the natural/holistic/alternative remedy or therapy. It may be because they believe it could harm you or your pet (such as there could be a negative reaction with a medication you or your pet is on now) or they are not familiar with the remedy or therapy (most vets and medical professionals do not learn about natural remedies and therapies in veterinary or medical school and have to take additional courses to do so). Your vet or medical professional is you and your pet's friend and should have you and their best interest at heart. Do your homework and explore your options. If you or your pet are seriously ill or have a life-threatening condition, please always seek proper veterinary or medical care. Lisa Aston Michael is not a veterinarian or medical professional, but a trained and certified holistic therapy practitioner IICT registered and fully insured.. Information is not intended to diagnose any condition or prescribe or promote any particular product or therapy. While there are natural remedies and therapies you may want to try, this information is not intended as a substitute for the advice and treatment of a veterinarian or medical professional. It is your constitutional right to use this information for the health of yourself, others and your pets and for which Lisa Aston Michael assumes no responsibility. This information or the services offered are not associated with any other organisation.