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Fur Legged Family is an online marketplace specialising in unique & often handmade products for pets. The primary goal of our website is to increase awareness of the benefits of adoption and to channel profits to the rescue centres and volunteers that do so much great work.  We also provide a free service whereby Registered Rescue Centres can list their dogs which are available for foster or adoption. People looking to adopt can search across our national database of dogs looking for their forever home and people interested in helping can register their interest in fostering.

Fur Legged Family was set up by 2 animal lovers who wanted to raise money for rescue sites and help more rescue cats and dogs find new homes.  We wanted to offer a site that people could easily search a database of dogs and cats across Australia to find their perfect match. 

Having worked with rescues we are fully aware of the limited resources and time that rescues have so we wanted to make it easy for rescues to show their available animals by taking on the administration for them. However this all takes money and instead of setting up another charity we decided to create a constant stream of revenue by offering quality handmade and unique products for sale.

Anyone can set up a shop on Fur Legged Family and we take 10% from each sale that goes towards running the website with the remainder being donated to the rescues. All you have to do to help us get more dogs into homes is Shop!  So please the next time you have to purchase something for your pet visit our website before going to a large pet store.  Not only are you helping us but you are also supporting small Australian businesses.

Not only can you find your next rescue dog or cat but we have a wide range of quality pet products including dog bandanas, dog clothes, dog and cat toys, dog treats, dog biscuits, dog bags, dog leads, collars, antlers for dogs, snuffle mats (Snuffler), dog bows, pet beds, dog jackets, pet portraits and much more.  Every purchase not only supports local business but also helps us raise money for rescue charities.